The Starting Point (Magnet’s History)

Magnet co-founder Mark Miller may not have always been focused on trucking, but he’s always been in motion – creating, growing, and building his businesses from his heart. For 34 years, Mark owned and operated local industrial cleaning and painting company Performance Industrial (formerly Americlean). Over those three-plus decades of growth with upwards of 40 employees, Mark learned the fundamentals of a successful business: how to grow satisfied customers into loyal customers; and how to hire (and keep) the right employees by elevating the practice of management into true leadership, always inspiring his people to always be the best they could be, both personally and professionally.


After passing the torch and selling Performance Industrial in 2019 to his son Bill and daughter-in-law Karen, Mark was getting restless to travel and see the country. He considered going back to his roots, becoming an owner-operator, and buying a Big Rig. After a little soul searching, it didn’t take long for Mark to realize what he was really missing: the satisfaction of building and growing a company.

When Mark approached his stepson about this “ah-ha” moment, he found a perfect match in Drew Trombley. Drew had years of experience driving for Fitzgerald Brothers, and Mark a decade of truck driving prior to starting Americlean. It seemed only natural for the two of them start a trucking company together.

When Mark started Americlean, his business plan for the first several years was simply to get dinner (and maybe a drink or two!) on the table. Let’s make enough today to pay the bills we have today, he thought. But the plan for Magnet Transport Group has been a little more complex. Mark, who turned 63 in 2020, created his business plan with long-term goals in mind: setting Drew up to grow himself and a business that could support him and his family for years to come… while still giving Mark the chance to get his kicks on route 66!

Taking what Mark has learned about growing Performance Industrial, Mark and Drew have built a strong vision of how Magnet Transport will look, feel, and function. A firm believer in the Law of Attraction, Mark and Drew created Magnet around these Core Values:

Making An Impact
Nurturing Relationships
Extraordinary service

Our Core Values


Making a Difference

We want to make a difference by providing extraordinary service and creating a relationship with our customers that sets us apart from the rest.


Appreciating It's People

People are our “why” - why we do what we do. Without our people - both our staff and our customers - there is no Magnet.



The essence of Magnet is movement - and we are constantly changing, moving forward, and growing. The more we learn, the more we grow


Nurturing Connections

Connections are what maintain relationships. Without a meaningful connection to the people who make Magnet tick, we are just another company.


Extraordinary Services

Our promise to you: every load is picked up and delivered exactly as promised, on time, every time, anytime.



Trust is defined as “reliance on integrity, strength, ability, surety.” Trust grows relationships and is based in mutual appreciation.

Why the Name Magnet Transport Group?

Choosing a company name with meaning was important Magnet co-founder Mark Miller. When creating his business plan, he wanted a name that had a story, something that would be a conversation piece: something people would remember.

To Mark, magnets embody the Law of Attraction, which suggests that your thoughts and beliefs ultimately impact your experiences. If you want to attract positivity, you must think positively. “I think the majority of people, whether they realize it or not, are affected by the Law of Attraction. If you believe nothing good ever happens to you.. Well, be careful what you wish for,” Mark explained. “But we, at Magnet, are drawn toward the positive.”

Mark and Drew have continued to grow Magnet Transport Group by keeping the Law of Attraction in mind: for them, the magnet symbolizes what they hope to attract in both their customers and employees, as they seek out those who share their passion and values. The image of a magnet is also alluded to within the company’s logo, where a needle points toward a positive sign. Mark imagines that needle as also pointing true north on a compass – directing Magnet’s path forward toward continued growth and success.

Get In Touch With Us!

When you call us you will speak directly with one of the owners, Drew Trombley or Mark Miller. You want to talk to us – and we want to talk to you too.